Mom, I Hope You Feel Better

Experiencing my son's concern about my well-being.  Priceless.

Yep, it's the little things in life that make it worthwhile.  Making sure the family is healthy.   Sharing a good meal at dinner.  Watching a favorite TV show with Jacob.  All good stuff. 

I've been suffereing from a nasty cold for almost two weeks, and Jacob's seen me feeling stuffy and tired.  Come 9:30 each night, and I've been ready for bed.

So, when I was on the computer right before going to sleep, Jacob walks into my office and says "I hope you feel better Mom", it was music to my ears!

I've spent so much time working on empathy with Jacob.  Explaining why manners are important.  Insisting  on hearing "please" when he makes a request or "thank you" when I've done something nice for him.  Letting him know my displeasure about something that he may have done or said that wasn't to my liking .  Literally, it's been years and years and YEARS of working on this stuff.

I know Jacob loves me, but his disability makes showing emotions tough.  Maybe he'll never be the most demonstrative guy, but last night, I saw he was trying.

Progress is a good thing!


  1. Yay for Jacob!!! Any kind of progress is fantastic isn't it?? Great job Susan!!

  2. What a powerful message in those few words. He made it crystal clear how important you are to him. How wonderful for both of you!

  3. That was worth the cold, wasn't it! Hope you are feeling better.


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